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Richard Rogers, Ph.D., ABPP




          The research team is a closely-knit group of dedicated doctoral students that work on collaborative projects as well as their own theses and dissertations. Our shared goal is scholarship. I am very proud of graduate students' accomplishments.


Publications with Graduate Students from 2000 to the Present

  •  2000: 6 articles: Assessment, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law (2), Journal of Psychiatry and Law, and Law and Human Behavior

  •  2001: 3 articles: Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Psychology, and Public Policy, and the Law

  •  2002: 4 articles: Assessment, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of Personality Assessment, and Psychological Assessment

  •  2003: 4 articles: Assessment (3) and Journal of Personality Assessment

  •  2004: 6 articles: Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, Behavioral Sciences and the Law, International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, Law and Human Behavior, and Psychological Assessment (2)

  •  2005: 3 articles: Criminal Justice and Behavior (2) and Law and Human Behavior

  •  2006: 7 articles: Assessment, Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Journal of Personality Assessment (2) and Law and human Behavior (3)

  •  2007: 3 articles: Assessment, and Law and Human Behavior (2)

  •   In press: 2 articles: Behavioral Sciences and the Law (2), and Law and Human Behavior

Note. Multiple publications in the same journal are noted in parentheses.



Current and Recent Research Sites

  •  Grayson County Jail

  •  Timberlawn Hospital (inpatient psychiatric hospital)

  •  Denton County Juvenile Probation

  • North Texas State Hospital, Vernon Campus (forensic hospital; its distance poses a challenge)



Internship Placements

            For many students seeking a professional career in clinical and forensic psychology, an important consideration is a highly competitive internship. Recent internships acquired by students include the following:

  • Atascadero State Hospital

  • Federal Correctional Complex, Butner

  • University of North Carolina School of Medicine

  • University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

  • University of Washington

  • Yale University



Academic and Research Placements 1997 to Present

            Approximately one-third of the research team has successfully sought tenure-track and research careers. Current positions are summarized.






S. D. Bender

Assistant Professor


University of Virginia

M. L. Cashel

Associate Professor


Southern Illinois University

K. R. Cruise

Assistant Professor


Fordham University

R. L. Jackson

Assistant Professor


Pacific Graduate School

R. T. Salekin

Associate Professor


University of Alabama

K. L. Ustada

Assistant Professor


University of Alabama

M. J. Vitacco

Associate Director


Mendota Mental Health Institute

aUstad's last name is now Salekin.



National Awards

            Two former members of the research team have received national recognition for outstanding scholarly contributions via early-career research awards:

  •   Randall Salekin, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Alabama, was the 2001 recipient of Saleem Shah Award from the American Psychology-Law Society. This prestigious national award is given to early-career researchers who have made outstanding contributions to law and psychology.

  •  MaryLouise Cashel, Ph.D., an associate professor at Southern Illinois University, is the 2004 recipient of Samuel J. and Anne G. Beck Award from the Society for Personality Assessment. Awarded in conjunction with the University of Chicago, the Beck Award recognizes outstanding early career research in the field of personality assessment.

Graduate Students on the Research Team (updated each October)

  • Kimberly S. Harrison, Ph.D., successfully defended dissertation in September
  • Mandy J. Jordan, M.S., completing dissertation
  • Lisa L. Hazelwood, M.S., successfully defended dissertation proposal
  • Joshua W. Payne, M.S., preparing dissertation proposal
  • Tonantzin Martinez, completing thesis
  • Hayley L. Blackwood, successfully defended thesis proposal
  • Amor A. Correa, preparing thesis proposal
  • Nate D. Gillard, preparing thesis proposal
  • Jill E. Rogstad, preparing thesis proposal
  • Chelsea E. Fiduccia, first year
  • Chelsea N. Janke, first year


Note: This section is currently being updated. It will include several informal pictures of the team and its research space.